25 martie 2011


My first, only and last post ever in English.

Whenever trying to write something, I always get distracted. Except for those moments when I am in a state very close to absolute focus. Unfortunately for me, the talent for writing is not something very elaborate or cultivated in me, so my artistic skills might have a lot to suffer on this respect.
Got myself a lot of information in the past two weeks and now I am calmly ruminating through this information trying to make the most out of it. Unlike, past moments of my life, now I am fully satisfied with what I have accomplished. Taking part in The "Actor or Spectator?!?" project was one of the best weeks of my life yet. I was really fortunate to be together living under the same roof with other 25 people that I have never met before. It was interesting to see how we perceive each other and how many different opinions exist regarding my age (laughing).

I met kind people from Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria. I liked every single one of them but some really have to be mentioned. I am keeping all of them close to me as I am inviting them again to Arad, to Romania, to come and experience it, also during the mid summer day heat or during the cold winter winds and snow. No preferences exist, although some people I keep closer to my memory as we shared some really good and interesting 'experiences'.

Asimina, Mina... She was a constant supporter. (Laughing again). She was the one who actually wrote on a Post-It my real age and put it in the message box as public for everyone to hear. Besides this we also had some very interesting conversations about some peculiar questions she formulated for me to answer.

Smaro, was like always asking me to make the Internet on her computer work, but I couldn't get the hang of it as it was in greek and also abou finding that damn Hexalen which in RO is something totally different as it is in Greece. She was one od the few people to whom I could speak in french. The other one was Lenka. I felt really bad about not being able to find what she needed, and I hope she's keep's my memory intact. (Smiling).

Lenka was someone who I did not expect to find. She was kind and very curious, just like a little cat from the very beginning. (Winking). She was the first person that I started talking to in French, and also the girl who followed me around the most in our look city walk, and always asking very good and interesting questions. I t was a great pleasure to be able to answer them. Hopefully she will come again to RO to see all the beautiful things we have to offer, and to take all the pictures she wants. Also I want to talk her for the very warm and powerful hug at the end, it was something like a painkiller; It made me fell better afterwards. Can't wait to see you back to Arad again, or me in Slovakia. :D

Although Tomas, was like the weird pickle from the jar, I liked seeing him always being in a good mood and not let anything get to him. (Laughing). Thank God we did not have any more drinks for the last night before his departure home or else he would not leave to get back home. I want to thank him for all the laughs and funny moments and anecdotes he provided (M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I) and the huge amount of pictures he took.

Ali was a pure gentleman. Even if we called him Ali Baba, maybe not knowing that Baba means father, we saw him as someone very positive and very agreeable. As he said once, when he called me his brother not his friend I could say the same. He was and is a great guy. I am actually looking forward to finally going to Turkey. I like Turkey wven if I haven't been there yet. I have to note down the number for a hospital when I get there, as you never now how many sweets I can eat. (Laughing).

Orkun and Samet, were like brothers I never had. Very close to my age, very different from me, but at the sime time, good and cool guys. What the hell they deserve like 5 girls once to take out on a date. (Laughing). We will be painting the town red when I'll be coming to Istanbul.  Samet I hope you will remember my real name by the time I get there. (Laughing).

July was awesome. Just seeing her dance was like OMG. And also seeing how the others were looking at her while dancing was amazing. Everybosy was silent being something like mesmerized. She truly was great and I found her to be very friendly and open. Even if see would restrain herself from talking to much, as she told me once because her English is bad, each time we spoke it was good. I really want to see her again if I ever get to Bulgaria and especially to Sandanski if I remember properly. I was really happy that she had a great time, as this was her first experience with Youth in Action and we were the first ones to introduce her.

With the Polish team we had a lot of fun. (Laughing). You, the ones who do not know, what could probably talk about? Well the Polish team brought something like a lot of chocolate (love them for this) and a lot of drinks (me and Tomas and Orkun appreciate this; Laughing again). We really enjoyed everything they brought with themselves to Romania and what they shared with us.

 Ivo. Good for you. This guy was like amazing. Just hearing him laugh was insane. I know he is a good guy and he has proven to me ever since the first intercultural night that he knows a lot, and I value his knowledge. And also thank you about the precious info about Bulgaria. A lot of stuff that I did not know before. Man if I ever go to Varna I'm taking you out for a beer.

I am thankfull for this whole week and hopefully we will get to see eachother again. Maybe in our projects, maybe in your projects or simply as friends visiting friends. Hopefully I will meet Evi as a hospital manager of the AHEPA University Hospital (Smiling). Also hopefully if one of you guys ever gets a Nobel somebody will than me for some kind words (really laughing my ass off).

Wishing to see you guys and girls again!

I think the first guy ever to participate in a youth project was possesed by the spirit of Euclid. Our favourite geometric shape... The circle.